Chivas players want Ricardo Cadena to remain as El Rebaño coach for next season

They have won the three games that Cadena has coached them.

Chivas will play Repechaje thanks to Cadena.
Chivas will play Repechaje thanks to Cadena.

The best thing that Amaury Vergara and Ricardo Peláez have done in the whole season was to finally part ways with Marcelo Michel Leaño even if they had promised him to give him at least a full season in El Rebaño’s dugout.

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Although no one understands why they took 13 rounds of Clausura 2022 to finally sack the Mexican coach, given the poor results that he gathered during his stint, El Rebaño has found a new hope from the hands of Ricardo Cadena.

With Michel Leaño, Chivas won three games, tied five and lost the remainder five, leaving them outside of Repechaje spots and with abroken connection with El Rebaño followers, who even tried to assault the players on their visit to Cruz Azul.

But with Ricardo Cadena in the dugout for only three games, Chivas have positioned themselves in the top half of the table, as well as closing the regular season on a streak, as Cadena remains unbeaten and now has the same number of victories that Michel Leaño.

The players are backing up his project

Ricardo Cadena is one of the few people within Chivas that could have had this success, as he knows the institution from within, not only because he played for El Rebaño when he was an active player, but also because he’s coached several academy teams as well as the reserves team CD Tapatío.

The knowledge he has about Chivas and the passion he feels toward El Rebaño’s colors has translated into the new face that Chivas has showed in the past three games, as they’ve been able to close the games when they have the advantage as well as comeback to earn the three points, things that weren’t able to do with Michel Leaño.

Players like Miguel Jiménez, Gilberto Sepúlveda, Jesús Orozco, Alan Torres, Fernando Beltrán and even Sebastián Pérez Bouquet, all of them formed in the Chivas academy, know that they can aspire to return to Liga MX front pages with Cadena, which is why they’re backing up his project on the pitch.

Can Cadena remain as Chivas coach?

Although it’s yet too early to know, as he’s only coached El Rebaño Sagrado for three games, the good results that he’s achieved during his short stint have opened the possibility for him to be a serious candidate to become Chivas’s coach for next season.

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