How much fortune is the World Cup group stage worth compared to the UEFA Champions League group stage?

The UEFA Champions League and FIFA World Cup are the two biggest soccer tournaments in the world. See their difference in fortunes.

World Cup trophy and champions
World Cup trophy and champions

The 2022 FIFA World Cup to be staged in Qatar next year will be one of the biggest soccer tournaments so far and will be worth a lot of money for the participating teams and at different stages of the competition up to the winner.

The frequency of the FIFA World Cup is four years though there are plans by FIFA to make it biennial which has been kicked against by countries, confederations and even players. In the absence of the World Cup during its off years, most parts of the world are thrilled by the awesomeness of the UEFA Champions League.

The FIFA World Cup and the UEFA Champions are both lucrative competitions that guarantee the participating soccer clubs or countries a lot of money even if it's just to make an appearance and get eliminated at the group stages.

The 2022 FIFA World Cup group stage is worth $12m for the participating countries, $2m in preparation fee for qualification and $10m for participation in the group stages while the UEFA Champions group stage is worth $18.6m calculated from base fee and result fees.

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