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Sir Alex Ferguson revealed that he was close to death back in 2018

The legendary manager stated that in 2018 he had very few chances to live

Sir Alex Ferguson: a winner inside and outside the pitch
Sir Alex Ferguson: a winner inside and outside the pitch

The Scottish legend Sir Alex Ferguson is now 79 years old and he admitted on his new documentary "Never Give In" that back in 2018 he "only had 20% of chances to survive after suffering from a brain haemorrhage. The documentary is set to premiere next May on Amazon Prime.

"I remember I fell down and then everything was too fast. Everything stopped, it just stopped", stated Sir Alex on his documentary that has been directed by his son, Jason. Ferguson's doctor is cast on the film and he affirms that the manager mortality chances "were about 80% at the moment of the brain surgery".

The film has already premiered in Glasgow Film Festival but the official release date will be in May. On the documentary, it is also shown part of the Scottish manager history as a young footballer in Glasgow where he played for St. Johnstone for a short period of time.

Another subject that worried Ferguson's mind was the fact he was not able to talk for a while, as he suffered from loss of reasoning and motor intelligence: "I lost my voice, I simply couldn't say a word and it was terrifying, absolutely terrifying. All that went through my mind was 'Am I going to recover my memory? Am I going to speak again?'", Sir Alex confessed.

Alex Ferguson's career titles:

As one of the most winning coaches ever, Sir Alex has conquered the Scottish League four times (St. Mirren and Aberdeen) and thirteen times with Manchester United. In addition to many more trophies, he also got two Champions League (1999 and 2008) and two Club's World Cup on the same years.

Alex Ferguson's speech on his personal documentary "Never Give In"

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