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The club that Hugo Sánchez will buy after realizing that no one wants to hire him

He hasn’t coached since 2012.

He was back-to-back champion with Pumas in 2004.
He was back-to-back champion with Pumas in 2004.

It’s no lie to say that Hugo Sánchez is one of the best Mexican strikers that has ever played soccer, not only for what he accomplished in Pumas, where he won two Liga MX titles as a player, but also for what he did in Europe, especially with Real Madrid.

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Before Andrés Guardado, there wasn’t any other Mexican player to have played 497 games in Europe other than Hugo Sánchez. But his biggest accomplishment was winning the La Liga Golden Boot five times, the first one with Atlético Madrid and the other four with Real Madrid.

As a coach, he’s had a less impressive career, as the biggest thing he achieved was to win back-to-back Liga MX with Pumas in 2004, being the first team that was able to do it since the short tournaments were established in 1996.

His good performances opened the door to coach the Mexican national team, but after he failed to qualify the U-23 squad to the 2008 Beijing Olympics, he parted ways with El Tri and his career slowly faded away, although that doesn’t mean he is done with coaching.

He wants to acquire a team to keep coaching

His last stint as a coach was in 2012, when he arrived in CF Pachuca for only one season. But after all the unsuccessful attempts to promote himself to coach either some of Liga MX teams, Mexico National Team or even Real Madrid, he’s decided to take the matter into his own hands.

During one of his participations in ESPN, where he’s a soccer analyst, Hugo Sánchez revealed that he’s looking to acquire a team, as he wants to be involved in the soccer industry, and that he already received a formal offer to invest in a club.

His future could be in the MLS, as he was approached to be part of the investors group that will acquire a new MLS Expansion team that will play in Las Vegas, where he could be the coach, although the project is still in negotiations to be realized in the next few years.

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