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Shocking,Manchester City will say goodbye to the Premier League if found guilty

A former financial advisor from Man City claims the club will be gone from the Premier League if found guilty on the 115 charges

By Michail-Angelos Grigoropoulos

City face a severe punishment if found guilty
City face a severe punishment if found guilty
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Financial Fair Play’s impact across the Premier League has been noticed as the spending in January has massively decreased compared to last year. Two clubs have already fallen victim to the rules as Everton have been charged twice, and Nottingham Forest has been recently charged. The Premier League spent 815 million pounds last January which was nearly 400 million higher than the previous record of 430 million pounds in 2018. Yet this winter, the clubs have stayed inside and there has been no shopping.

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With Forest and Everton charged and other clubs fearful of the new rules, the question has now been raised of what will happen to Manchester City. The English footballing world is all waiting to see what the fate of the Citizens will be and if they are found guilty, how will they be punished. Several different answers have been thrown around such as fine, point reduction, European ban, and the top punishment of relegation.

According to Premier League chief executive Richard Masters, the date has been set for the hearing to determine the fate of the club. However, the date is undisclosed and has not been told to the public. With a lack of information, it’s tough to judge what will happen and what the possibilities in this case are.

According to a former financial advisor of Manchester City’s Stefan Borson, the severity of these charges is massive, and a guilty charge would require a massive punishment. “The scale is on a completely different level [to Everton and Forest]. There can be no question that this will end in at least relegation - that’s no question, if those charges are proven,” said Borson. The punishment will have to fit the crime for City.

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Stefan Borson thinks it will be tough to find City guilty

The former advisor believes the Premier League will find it difficult to prove their case. Borson said ““I think they [City] will clear their name because I think a case of this nature must have a level of cogent proof, which seems to me to be impossible to present to an independent commission.”

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