The strange method Javier Hernández uses to recover from his injury

By Alexis Almosnino

The strange method Javier Hernández uses to recover from his injury

The LA Galaxy forward had a serious injury to his leg, but has already begun his recovery with a somewhat strange method.

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Javier Chicharito Hernández, came on a scoring streak and aimed to break all Major League Soccer records, but an injury to one of his legs put this career on hold as the top scorer in the United States league. This method of intermittent hypoxia masks generates a lack of oxygen and subjects the body to a more intense training, but at the same time the benefits are greater, both in the blood and in the capacity for muscle recovery.

The Mexican is already focused on his recovery and did not waste a single minute, he wants to return to the courts as soon as possible, for this reason, he began his rehabilitation through a strange method. The recovery method is a hypoxia training, which has become widely used in the world of sports and mainly among Real Madrid players.

Hopefully this method of results so that the scorer returns to drilling networks in MLS as soon as possible and helps his team fight at the top of the Western Conference table. The truth is that the LA Galaxy are waiting for him, so it will be important for him to have a quick and healthy recovery, and be on the courts again as soon as possible.


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