Harry Kane tires of Thomas Tuchel and decides on the next Bayern Munich coach

Harry Kane has named the manager he would like at Bayern Munich.

By Juan Macías

Harry Kane and Thomas Tuchel
Harry Kane and Thomas Tuchel
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The german team is not having a bad season, but the fact is that they could still look to sign a new manager for the team this next few months.

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Bayern Munich is currently in the second place at the Bundesliga table, and the fact is that right now they are also looking to make sure that they have the chance to take over that number one position in order to win the league title, but the last game could be the one that could decide the future of the manager and the striker has named his replacement right now.

In the last game that the Bayern Munich team played they lost witah a 3-0 score against the Bayer Leverkusen team, and it seems that their chance to win the Bundesliga title now depends on the team to lose some games, but this could definitely cost the role of Thomas Tuchel that seems to be the next manager that could lose his job with some pressure from Harry Kane now.

Several sources have also confirmed that the relationship between Kane and Tuchel is not the best, and that is one of the main reasons why now it has been confirmed that he would be open to go ahead and make sure that Jose Mourinho becomes the next manager of the german team for the next season to replace Tuchel now.

Jose Mourinho created a great relationship with Harry Kane when they were both at the Tottenham team, and the fact is that now he is pushing the office of the german team to actually make this deal happen and especially now that the portuguese manager is looking for a new team and this could really help the german team to boost their chances to get back on the top now.

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Jose Mourinho salary

Most of the sources do believe as well that an offer around 10 million euros per year would be enough to make sure that Jose Mourinho accepts the offer and they would also be ready to offer him a great budget for the transfer window right now.

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