Guardiola boldly responds to Keane calling Haaland a "League Two player"

Pep Guardiola defends Erling Haaland from criticism he received this past weekend.

By Emmanuel Mendez

Pep Guardiola responds to Roy Keane's controversial comments about Erling Haaland.
Pep Guardiola responds to Roy Keane's controversial comments about Erling Haaland.
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Manchester City and Arsenal were received with criticism after the anticipated game between them ended 0-0. Many football fans claimed that Arsenal did not go for the win, while others complained that Manchester City looked uncreative with their attacks. Football fans and pundits questioned Erling Haaland's form during big games against big opposition, and the Norwegian striker did not impress. Manchester United legend Roy Keane was not impressed by Haaland's performance against Arsenal and said that Haaland has been disappointing for a while in some parts of his game. He shocked the football community when he said that Haaland oftentimes looks like a "League Two player." Pep Guardiola was asked about his reaction to the comment, and he publicly responds to the comment made on his striker.

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Pep Guardiola spoke ahead of the Aston Villa match, and he was asked for his opinion on former players criticizing players now. Guardiola said, "I’m surprised when it comes from former players. Journalists, I understand, but former players, I’m surprised. It’s like former referees criticizing referees... memory disappears quickly."

Then Guardiola was specifically asked about the comments Roy Keane made about Haaland. Guardiola defended Haaland and even explained why the striker struggled against Arsenal over the weekend. Guardiola said, "I'm not agreeing with him [Keane], absolutely not. He [Haaland] is the best striker in the world and helped us to win what we won last season. He's exceptional. The reason we didn't create enough chances vs Arsenal is not from Erling. We need more presence in the final third, with more people. We played an exceptional game... but we missed more people in the final third. But Erling is exceptional."

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Erling Haaland's current form with Manchester City

Haaland's form in March was not his best, as he only scored two goals for Man City in five games. He scored against Manchester United in early March, and then he scored another against Copenhagen in the second leg of the Champions League Round of 16. Haaland is still the top goal scorer of the Premier League with 18 goals and has two over Olie Watkins, Dominic Solanke, and Mohamed Salah.

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