Former Real Madrid player reveals he played vs Man City after a concussion

An ex-Real Madrid player admits playing a crucial Champions League game with a concussion he had before the game.

By Emmanuel Mendez

A former Real Madrid player admits he had played poorly vs Man City in 2020 due to a head injury he had.
A former Real Madrid player admits he had played poorly vs Man City in 2020 due to a head injury he had.
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Real Madrid will soon play Manchester City in the Champions League quarterfinals. The first leg will be played at the Santiago Bernabeu next week on April 9th, and the second leg will be played on April 17th at the Etihad Stadium. This is the fourth meeting these two teams will have in the knockout stages of the Champions League out of the last five Champions League campaigns. While Real Madrid prepared for this upcoming game against Manchester City, a former Madrid player revealed playing against Man City after suffering a concussion. In 2020, Real Madrid lost 4-2 on aggregate against Man City in the Round of 16. The first leg was played in February, but the second leg was played in August due to the global pandemic that year.

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Raphael Varane spoke with L'Équipe about the second leg at the Etihad Stadium, where Real Madrid lost 2-1 to Man City. Varane made two horrible mistakes that led to Man City's goals, and now he revealed that those mistakes were because of a concussion he had suffered in a previous game.

Varane said, "We had a few days off, and I remember feeling intensely tired, but I thought it was related to the usual end-of-season decompression. When I resumed training, I still had not recovered from the fatigue linked to the shock I had suffered. I felt without energy preparing for the Champions League match against Manchester City, but I was not aware that it was related to the blow.

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Varane explains how he felt about the pain and the loss with Real Madrid

Varane continues to explain the pain he had as he says, "I felt it from the warm-up, I told myself: wake up. I almost wanted to slap myself. I couldn't concentrate; I was like a spectator. The match went badly for me, and, in retrospect, I realized that it was related to the shock I had suffered. I questioned myself a lot, and I realized that these unusual errors had not fallen from the sky. This defeat is mine; I have to accept it. I have my responsibility in this defeat. We had prepared it well, but mistakes pay off. I'm sad for my teammates."

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