Break the silence, Alves sends a message after his complicated legal issues

The Brazilian was reported for attacking a young woman at the Sutton nightclub in Barcelona.

By William Estrella

The Brazilian was reported for attacking a young woman at the Sutton nightclub in Barcelona.
The Brazilian was reported for attacking a young woman at the Sutton nightclub in Barcelona.
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The Barcelona Court is preparing for what has already been baptized as The Trial of the Year, which in just six days and over three days will put footballer Dani Alves on the bench for an alleged crime of assault. A trial to which the Brazilian appears alleging alcohol consumption as his latest version of the events but which may not be held.

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Last November, the victim of the alleged attack by the former FC Barcelona soccer player, Dani Alves, dealt a hard blow to the footballer by ensuring through a statement from his lawyer, Ester García, that the conversations held until now with the defense of the footballer, "at its request and which we consider confidential", resulted "in the impossibility of reaching any understanding", due to the different positions of the parties "regarding the extreme seriousness of the facts and the penalties to be imposed."

However, the process may not be so simple. Since for this agreement to occur, all parties must ratify it. A plea bargain is an agreement between the prosecutor and the person accused of the crime, where the prosecutor offers the defendant the opportunity to plead guilty in exchange for receiving a less serious charge and a lighter sentence. Pleading not guilty to the criminal charge means that the defendant will go to trial to contest the criminal charges. If he is found innocent, then he avoids prison time or other sanctions. However, going to trial is risky because it is impossible to predict what the final sentence will be. Consequently, many defendants, such as Alves, choose to negotiate the charges with the prosecutor.

Perhaps, the fact that the negotiation now does not mean the freedom of the footballer in exchange for compensation but rather a reduction in his sentence could lead the victim to accept the agreement to avoid the ordeal of undergoing a trial and having to relive what what happened that night. If not, the footballer's defense strategy would be worthless. It should be remembered that the "conformity agreement" can be requested even if the trial has begun. This means that reaching an agreement is possible up to the second before the judge issues a sentence. In these cases, the request for mediation paralyzes its development and allows time for the people involved to negotiate. If they reach an agreement, the trial would not continue.

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Alves' statement

"I left home when I was barely 15 years old. I have overcome very difficult and complicated situations in my life. This will be one more that will happen. Nothing scares me," were the alleged statements of Dani Alves, who would have already completely adapted to life on the premises.

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