They said that he could play like Messi, he has failed in his career and his club does not want him

This player has failed in his career in recent years

By Jose Castro

This player has failed in his career in recent years
This player has failed in his career in recent years
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This soccer player began to stand out at the beginning of his career, he was a highly talented midfielder, many compared him to Lionel Messi for the way he took away his rivals, in addition to scoring great goals. Now he is going through a sad present because his club doesn't want him and doesn't know what to do with him.

A few years ago this midfielder was the best soccer player in his country. In the national team he became a true leader, all the fans adored him and his talent was detected by Chelsea, the club that hired him and in this team he showed his great quality.

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We are talking about Eden Hazard, a Belgian midfielder who was one of the best players at the 2018 World Cup in Russia. Real Madrid became interested in the player and bought him from Chelsea for 160 million euros. A figure that has been one of the highest in history for the sale of a soccer player.

The sad present of Eden Hazard

Now Eden Hazard lives a sad present, the midfielder has had several injuries and has played few games, coach Carlo Ancelotti does not give him playing time, despite the fact that the soccer player is already in optimal condition. Now Real Madrid hopes to sell him next season, but there are few clubs interested because of the bad times this footballer is going through.

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