He quarreled with Lionel Messi, now they are friends and he will seek to win the World Cup in Qatar

He is emerging as a starter in the Middle East, where the Scaloneta will try to add their third World Cup

He is emerging as a starter in the Middle East, where the Scaloneta will try to add their third World Cup

The group of the Argentine team is characterized by having a great relationship. This has been key to success in recent years, where the Albiceleste won the Copa América and Finalissima. Now, the fight that Lionel Messi had with a teammate is remembered, when he was defending the FC Barcelona shirt. Now, both focus on winning the World Cup.

This is Leandro Paredes. The current Juventus midfielder had a problem in 2021, during the Champions League match between Barcelona and PSG. In dialogue with Julio Leiva in 'Caja Negra', he revealed what happened months ago.

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‘He got angry because he had made a comment towards my teammates and he listened to me, and he got hot. He was very hot. He insulted me, bad. I wanted to kill myself, I wanted to go home. Now, when the conversation comes out, we talk about it and we laugh, but it was really hot. He wanted to kill me,' he pointed out.

Now he had to leave Paris Saint-Germain, because if he didn't have enough minutes at PSG, he wasn't going to be able to get to the World Cup in Qatar well, or even maybe he wasn't even considered by Lionel Scaloni. Now, at Juventus, he is doing better and he finally has regularity.

The current relationship between Paredes and Messi:

When Leo arrived at PSG, Paredes became his best friend. They were always together and created a great relationship that is evident when they meet in the Argentine team. Now, they focus on winning the World Cup, where Albiceleste will face Saudi Arabia, Mexico and Poland in the group stage.

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