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The players that will leave Chivas with Marcelo Michel Leaño once Clausura 2022 is over

Chivas is out of the playoffs for now.

They haven’t been able to help El Rebaño.
They haven’t been able to help El Rebaño.

After the 1-1 draw that Toluca stole from Chivas with a last-minute goal of Leo Fernández, it’s more than evident that the crisis in which El Rebaño currently are only threatens to grow bigger, especially if Marcelo Michel Leaño remains as their coach.

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According to reports, he was responsible for the dismissal of Victor Manuel Vucetich during Apertura 2021, who was sacked alleging poor results, just so he could take over his job. Michel Leaño became the interim coach for the remainder of the season and then was ratified for Clausura 2022.

In the 21 games he’s coached El Rebaño, Michel Leaño has earned just 24 points out of the 63 points disputed, as a result of only five victories, nine draws and seven defeats, including the elimination in Repechaje last season.

For Clausura 2022, Chivas stands 14 with the same number of points, something that is leaving them out of the playoffs, as they are one point behind Santos Laguna, who currently holds the last spot that gives access to Repechaje.

El Rebaño will clean the locker room at the end of the season

Although the main responsible of the lack of results is Marcelo Michel Leaño, who will finish the season in El Rebaño’s dugout but won’t be the coach for the 2022-23 season, some of the players in the roster also share the responsibility.

The first player that will leave Chivas once the season is over is Carlos “Charal” Cisneros, as he left the team in disadvantage from the first half, as well as being involved in several mistakes during the season, according to sports journalist Jesús Hernández during his participation in the program Peloteros PQ.

Chivas are also considering parting ways with Antonio “Pollo” Briseño, who has one more year of contract with El Rebaño, after starting a fight with César “Chino” Huerta, although it’s yet to be seen if they sell him or end up sending him to Tapatío FC for the remainder of his contract.

Three more players want to leave

As if that wasn’t enough, the current situation in El Rebaño has pushed some of the players to want to leave over the summer transfer window, as they feel like Chivas will only restrain their careers. Raúl Gudiño is set to leave once his contract expires, while Cristian “Chicote” Calderón and Miguel Ponce are looking to continue their careers elsewhere.

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