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This is what will happen to Chivas’ Antonio Briseño and César Huerta after their fight

El Rebaño couldn’t win on their visit to Toluca.

Chivas played with 10 men most of the game.
Chivas played with 10 men most of the game.

Even if Marcelo Michel Leaño kept saying that the roster was united and that the “power of affection”reigned in the locker room, on Saturday night it was evident that the crisis in Chivas already reached the players, who had been measured during Clausura 2022 until then.

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The player that will leave Chivas after discussing with Marcelo Michel Leaño

At first, Carlos Cisneros was sent off for a foul in the midfield, where he stepped on Haret Ortega’s leg. It seemed like they were going to be able to earn the three points after José Juan Macías opened the score on the second half, but a last-minute goal of Leo Fernández, with complicity of Chivas defenders, tied the game.

If that wasn’t enough, Marcelo Michel Leaño was sent off for arguing too much about the referee’s performance, and his lack of control was translated to the players on the bench, as Antonio “Pollo” Briseño faced off César “Chino” Huerta right when the game ended, and he even slapped him before they were pulled apart.

According to reports, the discussion continued in the locker room, where Briseño not only reclaimed Huerta, but also Alexis Vega, Sergio Flores, and Luis Olivas, as he believed they were responsible for marking Leo Fernández in the play where he scored.

Chivas took a decision regarding their future in the team

Francisco Robles, Chivas assistant coach, was present during the press conference after the game, given that Marcelo Michel Leaño was unavailable due to the red card, and when asked about the incident he said that they solved it once they were in the locker room.

For now, both players will remain in Chivas, and even if El Rebaño Sagrado hasn’t explained what happened in a press release, reports from TUDN confirm that they’re planning on sanctioning both players internally, although they will announce the consequences on a press conference.

But given that neither of them has been of much help to Chivas, this will be their last season with El Rebaño, as they will look to find another team for Huerta once Clausura 2022 is over, and will let Briseño’s contract expire, although he will play the last part of it with Tapatío FC, in Liga de Expansión.

Michel Leaño wanted to be sent off

Reports from sports journalist Álvaro Morales suggest that Michel Leaño, who argued more during the game against Toluca than in any other game, wanted to be sent off to avoid having to face Victor Manuel Vucetich, as he was the responsible of his dismissal from Chivas to take over his job.

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