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The player that can’t stand Marcelo Michel Leaño and is ready to leave Chivas

El Rebaño has won just three games in Clausura 2022.

Michel Leaño doesn’t have a solid project.
Michel Leaño doesn’t have a solid project.

For Clausura 2022, Chivas has become a team that scares no one, as they are one of the most irregular squads in Liga MX since they don’t have a plan to follow throughout the 90 minutes, making them a team that doesn’t know how to close games.

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Matías Almeyda is ready to return to Chivas and he knows the players that won’t be part of his squad

Since Matías Almeyda left in 2018, El Rebaño hasn’t been able to find another coach that has a clear idea of how to work with a team like Chivas and establish a solid project that can help them win championships.

But the crisis grew bigger once Amaury Vergara decided to place Marcelo Michel Leaño in Chivas’ dugout, as the Mexican coach has dedicated himself to experimenting in the starting XI instead of having a plan to follow.

Chivas followers already realized that he won’t help them return to Liga MX front pages, but now, it seems that players are getting tired of his lack of project and empty speech and are looking to find a way out of El Rebaño.

Who is the player that is ready to leave?

The 28-year-old forward Ángel Zaldívar knows that he won’t be able to keep growing if he stays in Chivas, at least if Marcelo Michel Leaño remains as their coach, something that don’t seem to be changing anytime soon.

That’s why according to reports he has been in conversations with both Eduardo “Chofis” López and Matías Almeyda, both with a Chivas past but currently are part of the San Jose Earthquakes, to migrate to the MLS once the season is over.

Zaldívar is not the first player looking to leave El Rebaño for the Major League Soccer, as Ronaldo Cisneros, another Chivas forward, joined MLS side Atlanta United a week ago, leaving Liga MX right at the middle of the regular season.

Can he arrive in MLS?

The forward born in 1994 has had an irregular season with El Rebaño Sagrado, as he’s played seven games out of the 11 Chivas has disputed, although he only started in 4 and has scored 2 goals, which is why he wants to have a fresh start elsewhere. If any MLS teams were to acquire him, they will have to pay $1.7 million.

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