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Liga MX: The player that will leave Cruz Azul even if they made it to Liguilla

La Máquina will play Liguilla after the victory over Necaxa.

They are pursuing their 10th Liga MX title.
They are pursuing their 10th Liga MX title.

Cruz Azul was able to leave behind the ghosts and beat Club Necaxa on a penalty shootout that had Sebastián Jurado as the protagonist, as he stopped two penalty kicks that gave La Máquina the victory after the game ended in a 1-1 draw.

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Now that the ensured their presence in Liguilla, Los Cementeros are waiting for their rival in quarterfinals, as there's still two more games to be played in Repechaje -Club Puebla vs Mazatlán FC and Chivas vs Pumas- to know who is going to face who.

For now, the options for Cruz Azul are Tigres,Atlas or have a new edition of the Clásico Joven against Club América, although that will only be possible if both Club Puebla and Chivas lose their respective games, something that doesn’t seem to end up happening.

But not everything is happiness and good new for Cruz Azul now that they ensured their third Liguilla in a row with Juan Reynoso as coach, given that there’s one player that knows he doesn’t have a place in the teamanymore and is looking to leave once the season is over.

Who is the player that will leave Cruz Azul?

Although he was involved in several mistakes on the first games that Reynoso placed him in the starting XI, on the Repechaje game, Sebastián Jurado showed why he is considered to be the next goalkeeper of Cruz Azul, as it starts to feel like he’ll remain in as the starter.

José de Jesús “Chuy” Corona knows this too and is considering looking for a new team over the summer, as he knows that Reynoso fully trusts the young goalkeeper and stealing his place in the lineup will be complicated from now on.

“Chuy” Corona has been healthy for the past couple of games, but Reynoso decided to give his trust to Jurado, as he knew that the only thing that the 25-year-old goalkeeper needed was playing time to improve his performances, but he’s not ready to be the substitute.

Where can he play next season?

It’s too early to know if Corona will decide to leave Cruz Azul or even retire, as he’s already 41 and the injuries are what kept him sidelined this season, but if he wants to keep playing, returning to Guadalajara would be his priority, and given that Raúl Gudiño will leave Chivas, that could be his new destination. FC Juárez is another team that will be on the lookout for a new goalkeeper.

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