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In one game, Ricardo Cadena did more for Chivas than Marcelo Michel Leaño on his entire stint

Chivas won 1-0 on their visit to Cruz Azul.

El Rebaño currently stands 11 in Clausura 2022.
El Rebaño currently stands 11 in Clausura 2022.

Chivas arrived at Estadio Azteca to face Cruz Azul with the pressure of needing points no matter what, given that they were out of Repechaje and another defeat would have meant the failure of a new project before it even started.

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The player that will leave Chivas now that Marcelo Michel Leaño can’t protect him

Just a couple days before, Amaury Vergara had decided to part ways with Marcelo Michel Leaño given the poor results that Chivas had during his stint. Even if Vergara had promised him to give him at least one full season, he knew that he couldn’t maintain him any longer.

Michel Leaño coached El Rebaño Sagrado for 22 games where he earned only 24 points out of the 66 that Chivas disputed, thanks to only five victories, nine draws and eight defeats, including the 3-1 against Monterrey and Victor Manuel Vucetich, Chivas former coach.

Instead of Michel Leaño, Vergara and Ricardo Peláez decided to promote Ricardo Cadena as interim coach. Cadena, who was coaching CD Tapatío, was ratified as Chivas coach for the remainder of the season after the victory over Cruz Azul.

Chivas knows how to close the games

One of the things that Michel Leaño was criticized the most for was for the apparent lack of planification, as El Rebaño had trouble closing the games once they had the advantage, something that made them lose several points on the last minutes of the games.

Cadena was aware that that was one of the first things that he had to solve, especially when the advantage is minimum, like it happened against La Máquina. On his first game as Chivas’ coach, Cadena showed that El Rebaño players were just mismanaged and that they know how to close a game.

But that wasn’t the only improvement that Chivas had during Saturday night’s game, as Ricardo Cadena changed the scheme for the starting XI, starting the game with two strikers instead of one, something that helped the team become more dangerous, especially from free kicks and corner kicks.

Will Cadena remain as Chivas coach?

Ricardo Peláez announced that they will start looking for a new coach once the season is over, giving Ricardo Cadena time to establish a different system and, if the results are positive for El Rebaño, maybe extending his stay in Chivas’ dugout, just like it happened with Michel Leaño.

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