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Matías Almeyda already accepted arriving at Chivas and these are the three players

He’s in conversations with San Jose Earthquakes to leave the club.

Chivas are looking for a new coach.
Chivas are looking for a new coach.

Marcelo Michel Leaño was sacked after 13 rounds of Clausura 2022 in which Chivas won only three games, and now, El Rebaño Sagrado might have already found their new coach: Matías Almeyda, who has decided to resign from his job in San José Earthquakes.

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Matías Almeyda: With his possible departure from San Jose Earthquakes, will he be reunited with Chivas?

His departure from the Quakes comes a few days after Chivas started looking for a new coach and given that he’s one of the favorite coaches to arrive in El Rebaño’s dugout, it’s just a matter of time before he announces his return to Chivas.

Almeyda knows what it means to coach Chivas, as he’s said in the past that it’s a good challenge, and now that they’re amidst a crisis, his previous experience in El Rebaño is going to be needed if Amaury Vergara wants them to return to the front pages of Liga MX.

But Almeyda, who follows closely Liga MX knows that for Chivas to have a protagonist role in Mexican soccer again, knows that they’re going to need more than a new coach, as some of the players in the current roster haven’t helped to improve their performances.

Who are the players that will leave Chivas?

During an interview with ESPN, Almeyda said that he has never closed the door to Chivas, as El Rebaño Sagrado was the best team he could have coached and returning for a second stint would be a dream come true.

But he knows that he needs to make some changes on the current roster, as some of the players, like Antonio “Pollo” Briseño have diminished Chivas’ level with their performances, that’s why Briseño will be the first player to leave as soon as he returns.

The second player that no longer has a place in El Rebaño’s locker room is Hiram Mier, who has been a troublemaker just like Briseño, and Almeyda knows that if he wants to build a team that knows how to work together, he needs to throw away the rotten apples.

Chivas’ former captain is the last player on the list

The last player that Matías Almeyda doesn’t want on Chivas is their former captain Jesús Molina, as he lost his place in El Rebaño’s starting XI after the departure of José Manuel Vucetich. Now, the team has proven that he’s no longer needed and has one foot outside Chivas.

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