The unusual ban in Serie A

By Alexis Almosnino

The unusual ban in Serie A

The measure aims to avoid contrast problems between the color of the uniform and the field of play during matches

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The Serie A League announced this Thursday that from the 2022-2023 season, outfield players will not be able to wear green jerseys during matches. The main reason that has led the Italian leaders to adopt this curious measure is of a television nature since they try to avoid in this way that the color of the shirts is too similar to that of the grass and confuses the viewer.

At the same time the fans in the stadium and the match officials will also enjoy a greater contrast between the jerseys and the pitch. The new rule has been included in this season's regulations so that clubs have time to design the shirts that they will wear in Serie A 2022-2023.

The change came a season in advance because most sports brands start coming up with the new jerseys up to a year before officially introducing them. Currently there are only two teams that have green as one of their main colors: Sassuolo and Venezia. The measure continues to generate controversy, many are already wondering what would happen if the initiative is extended to other parts.


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