Former FC Barcelona player could retire early due to a terrible knee injury

At just 29, this ex Barca player thinks he may never play again after not recovering from injury.

By Emmanuel Mendez

A player who used to play for FC Barcelona could retire from football at just 29 years old.
A player who used to play for FC Barcelona could retire from football at just 29 years old.
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FC Barcelona is known to have one of the best, if not the best, academies in Europe. La Masia has produced many world-class players like Xavi, Iniesta, Fabregas, and Lionel Messi. A former La Masia player admitted to possibly hanging upon the boots soon after being out for over a year due to an injury. This former Barca player played a few games with the first team but was a part of the Catalan club since 2003 when he was nine years old.

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The player who is sadly suffering an injury is Gerard Deulofeu. Deulofeu is 29 years old and is currently at Udinese in the Serie A. He made a few appearances with FC Barcelona's first team but was sent on loan to Sevilla, Everton, and eventually to other teams like AC Milan, Watford, and now at Udinese. Deulofeu's last appearance was in January last year against Sampdoria. The Spanish attacker reveals that there is a possibility that he may not play football anymore as he still has yet to recover from a knee injury.

Deulofeu spoke to Jijantes and said, "It’s months that I know there’s a chance I might never play again. I can’t do what I love for a long time. It’s been more than a year now. You can’t imagine what I’m going through. I’m trying everything to come back, but I’ve accepted the idea that I could also not play again.” Clubs like Watford, Everton, and Udinese posted on social media to show support for Deulofeu, who wishes to play football again.

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Deulofeu talks about FC Barcelona's current state and gives his opinion on Napoli game

Deulofeu spoke about FC Barcelona, giving his opinion on the Napoli game in the Champions League and about Xavi. Deulofeu said, "Napoli are very changed this year. In Serie A, many teams are hurting them. They don't have the same structure. I think Barça are the favorites. I was surprised that Xavi announced that he was leaving at the end of the season, but I understand him. If you don't play well in one or two games you hear the rumble."

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