Bad news for United; Not Premier League, two leagues that will get 5th UCL spot

The Champions League next season will look different and only two leagues will have 5 spots in their leagues to qualify.

By Emmanuel Mendez

The Premier League will not get the 5th place Champions League spot at the moment.
The Premier League will not get the 5th place Champions League spot at the moment.
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The Champions League is one of Europe's most prestigious, if not the most prestigious, competitions. Many top clubs participate in this competition every year due to their performances in their respective leagues. The Champions League next year will be different from how it has been in recent years. Instead of having 32 teams, next year's edition will have 36 teams, which means more spots available for other teams. Due to club performances, Two leagues will have an extra slot in the competition next season.

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The 36 teams will be divided into four nine pots at the draw before the 2024/25 Champions League season. There will no longer be group stages; instead, there will be a league table of the 36 teams to determine who advances to the next round and who plays in the playoffs. Positions 1 to 8 will go straight to the round of 16. Positions 9 to 24 will play in the playoff rounds, and the eight winners of that round will complete the 16 teams in round 16. Positions 25 to 36 are eliminated from Europe; there is no downgrading to the Europa League.

The extra four teams in the new Champions League will go to Europe's best-performing leagues this season. One place will go to the third-placed team in the league ranked fifth in the UEFA coefficient; it could be the Ligue 1 third-place team to take the slot. The last slot goes to the qualifying point for the champion's path.

At this point, England's coefficient is third in the ranking as clubs like Manchester United and Newcastle United are eliminated from Europe, placing last in their Champions League groups. The Premier League will not have five spots in the league to qualify directly for the Champions League. Man United will need to get to 4th place this season to qualify for the Champions League next season unless Man City and Arsenal perform well in Europe. Man United has 44 points and is 5 points away from 4th place Aston Villa in the league.

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Serie A and the Bundesliga currently will have the extra slot for Champions League qualification in their leagues

Ahead of the Premier League, Serie A and the Bundesliga will have a 5th Champions League spot in their leagues. Italy's and Germany's coefficients are higher than England's. Italy's coefficient is 14.714, and Germany's is 13.928. England's is 13.875

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