He is a Barcelona legend, however now he could end up in jail for this reason

A Barcelona legend might be looking for jail time after this actions.

By Juan Macías

Barcelona team
Barcelona team
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There have been several Barcelona former players that have been in jail in the past, and now one of them could keep adding to the list of players right now.

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Some of the Barcelona former players have gone to take some important roles in the world of football, and the fact is that one of them was Samuel Eto'o, the former striker of the spanish team is the current president of the Cameroon Football Federation, but now it seems that this might not end up on a good note now that his latest actions have gone to the light now.

Several sources have now confirmed that the FIFA is going to start an investigation for the former striker, and one of the main reasons could be that right now he is being accused of fixing matches for both the National team and in the league, and that could be one of the main reasons why he might be send to the jail in the next few months according to the results.

There have been some examples of players and part of the hierarchy that have done that in the past, one of the most remebered one is the one that happen in the Serie A, and looking back some of the sanctions went from only 4 months to a total of to 5 years of suspension which could be the case.

On top of that it has also been confirmed that Samuel Eto'o has used violence towards some of the elements and verbal abuse as well, and that could be one of the main reason why the investigation could go up a lot in the next part of the season and the striker might even have to face jail time after the FIFA investigation determines the accusations against him.

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Samuel Eto'o future

Most of the sources do believe that right now the Cameroon Football Federation would seek for him to step down as the president, and this could only be the start for Samuel Eto'o that seems to be ready to confess everything as soon as the investigation starts now.

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