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Juventus says: Weston McKennie is not leaving

The player has become indispensable for Vecchia Signora in all its competitions.

The player has become indispensable for Vecchia Signora in all its competitions.

Following rumors of Weston McKennie's departure from La Vecchia Signora at the start of the winter transfer window, Juventus have stated that the American is not leaving.

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Or at least that is what the Italian specialized press affirms, as it seems that Massimiliano Allegri is very happy with the player's performance in the team.

So much so that today, McKennie was an indispensable player on the field, when Juve defeated Sassuolo 2-0 in a match in which the midfielder was in charge of giving mobility to the ball from midfield. 

What we know about McKennie's stay at Juve

According to Romeo Agresti, Goal Italia's correspondent covering Juventus, Juventus coach Massimiliano Allegri is very happy with the performance of the USMNT international player and there is no intention to sell the player. 

Proof of this is that the Juventus coach relied on him for today's match in which as the player was responsible for giving depth to the team's offense.

And if that wasn't enough, a shot of his hit the post and he had a header saved by the rival goalkeeper, Gianluca Pegolo

But McKennie's participation in the match did not stop there: the Little Elm, Texas native also played a role in the first goal of the match in the third minute, when he shot at goal, the ball bounced and fell to Dybala, who volleyed home to open the scoring.

McKennie has learned a lot at Juventus

The player recently gave an interview to DAZN in which he stated how much he has grown in his time at Juventus. 

"I've learned a lot tactically. You always have to be ready to change positions depending on the position of the ball on the pitch. I've also learned in many ways that soccer is a big business and if you're not able to give your best at a club like this (Juventus), being replaced is as easy as being signed."

The player also shared his point of view and the differences between Pirlo and Allegri, as he has lived with both figures. 

About them he said:

"Pirlo had just finished his career, while Allegri is an experienced coach. It's very different when you can't do something on the pitch. Sometimes I watched Pirlo on the bench and understood what he was thinking and learned about mistakes like not passing the ball in a certain way or doing certain functions better on the pitch."

Despite a difficult start at the club and having been on the verge of leaving in this winter transfer window, things seem to be shaping up for the American midfielder.

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