Cristiano shows his commitment, the lesson he taught a Juventus star in Italy that shows his maturity in football

Cristiano Ronaldo taught a younger player a lesson about commitment in training.

By Emmanuel Mendez

Cristiano Ronaldo smiles while wearing the Al Nassr jersey and the a mystery player is below him. (Source: GOAL)
Cristiano Ronaldo smiles while wearing the Al Nassr jersey and the a mystery player is below him. (Source: GOAL)
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Cristiano Ronaldo is respected for being one of the most committed footballers in the world, and he remains the same way despite being 39 years old. He constantly trains and works to maintain at a high level. Ronaldo is seen as the leader of any team, and he showed his leadership by making sure his teammates were focused in training. His former teammate at Juventus, Sami Khedira, spoke about the time Ronaldo lectured Juventus star Federico Chiesa because the Italian was bringing his phone into the gym. Khedira said, “In Juventus, Chiesa was bringing his phone into the gym. Cristiano looked at him and said: What are you doing? Where are you going, Chiesa? He said: ‘I’m going to the gym.’ Cristiano said: ‘With your phone? Listen, you don’t need your phone. Go to the gym and work, and don’t use Instagram or Tik Tok. Focus on your work only.’” The Italian player was not offended and instead apologized to Ronaldo and started training properly.

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Khedira said it was necessary for Ronaldo to teach the younger players about discipline during training sessions or work that will help them and the team improve on a daily basis. When asked about how good Ronaldo was, Khedira said, “You can see his numbers, you can see his trophies with Manchester United, Real Madrid and even Juventus. But I saw two different versions of Cristiano Ronaldo, one at Real Madrid when he was younger and his ego was a bit exaggerated.”

Khedira went on to explain CR7′s impact on the younger generation as he said, “When he came to Juventus, he came to the dressing room and interacted with all his teammates, trying to help them as well. He is an inspiring figure. He is always a competitive guy but also a friendly, kind and humble guy in my opinion.”

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Cristiano Ronaldo’s time in Juventus

Ronaldo played a total of 134 matches for Juventus from 2018 to 2021. He scored 101 goals and provided 22 assists for the Italian club across all competitions. He won two Serie A titles, one Italian Cup, and two Italian Super Cups.

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