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After the transfer of Varane: the 10 most expensive sales in the history of Real Madrid

From Cristiano Ronaldo to Marcos Llorente, these players are the ten most expensivesales in the history of Real Madrid. Which player is the most expensive of all?

Real Madrid
Real Madrid

After the departure of the French center-back, Raphael Varane, to Manchester United, Real Madrid added 50 million euros to the bag. In this way, it was positioned in position 4 of the most expensive sales in the history of the merengue club.

The truth is that Real Madrid is a team characterized by investing a lot of money in players, but it is not known so much for its sales. In fact, the vast majority of its players remain for many years at the club, and are transferred once their value drops considerably.

Anyway, there are players who deserve to be mentioned, and other great promises who ensure good business in Real Madrid´s stabhlis. In total, if we analyze the ideal 10, we are talking about a value of 500 million euros, which makes it clear, the level of the players that we are talking about.

What are the most expensive sales in Real Madrid´s history:

1- Cristiano Ronaldo to Juventus | 2018-2019 | Market Value: 100 Million Euros.

2- Angel Di María to Manchester United | 2014-2015 | Market Value: 75 Million Euros.

3- Álvaro Morata to Chelsea | 2017-2018 | Market Value: 66 Million Euros.

4- Raphael Varane to Manchester United | 2021-2022 | Market Value: 50 Million Euros.

5- Mateo Kovacic to Chelsea | 2019-2020 | Market Value: 45 Million Euros.

6- Mesut Özil to Arsenal | 2013-2014 | Market Value: 43 Million Euros.

7- Robinho to Manchester City | 2007-2008 | Market Value: 43 Million Euros.

8- Achraf Hakimi to Inter | 2020-2021 | Market Value: 41 Million Euros.

9-  Gonzalo Higuaín to Napoli | 2013-2014 | Market Value: 39 Million Euros.

10- Marcos Llorente to Atletico Madrid | 2019-2020 | Market Value: 30 Million Euros.

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