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The mansions of Kobe Bryant and Tiger Woods in the U.S. with which Chicharito Hernández cannot compete

The Mexican idol bought an impressive house in the U.S. that can’t be compared to the ones of the American athletes.

Kobe Bryant, Javier Hernández, Tiger Woods
Kobe Bryant, Javier Hernández, Tiger Woods

After confirming that he was going to stay in Los Angeles Galaxy another year, Chicharito Hernández decided to buy an impressive mansion in Beverly Hills. The Mexican idol was near to leave the MLS side, as his contract expired, but he signed a renewal for anther year and will play the complete season for LA Galaxy.

The house that CH14 bought is worth $5 million and counts with all type of mod cons. It is located in the mountain of Hollywood in California, a place where the attacker decided to live. Despite it is in fact a very nice building, it can’t be even compared to the ones of two of the best mansions belonging to athletes in the United States.

The house of Chicharito Hernández in LA.

The first one is Kobe Bryant, who had an incredible house in Newport Beach, California, that he bought in 1997. The property has an impressive gym, a bar, a spa, a swimming pool and all the luxuries where the NBA legend used to spend his free time. Valuated in almost $9 million, it is much bigger and better than the one of Chicharito.

Kobe Bryant had this house in the U.S.

 The other mansion that humiliates the Mexican forward is the one of Tiger Woods, probably the best one belonging to an athlete in the U.S. Bought in 2010, it is valuated in $54 million, more than ten times more than the one of Chicharito. Its located in Florida and it even ha a golf court in side of it.

Tiger Woods and his mansion with a golf camp inside.

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