Kobe statue is unveiled and receives similar comments to Cristiano's statue

Kobe Byant's statue is finally revealed to the public yesterday and many opinions have arised.

By Emmanuel Mendez

The Kobe Bryant statue is unveiled and there will be two more; Ronaldo has two statues and one face sculpture.
The Kobe Bryant statue is unveiled and there will be two more; Ronaldo has two statues and one face sculpture.
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The Los Angeles Lakers revealed the statue honoring the late Kobe Byrant at the Star Plaza outside of the Arena yesterday. The bronze statue will be placed outside of the Arena, the home of the LA Lakers where Kobe Bryant was known for his amazing career in the NBA. The statue pose is significant as one of the highlights of his career.

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This is one of three Kobe Byrant statues that will be unveiled. This statue is of Bryant walking off from an 81-point game with the Los Angeles Lakers. Kobe Bryant's wife, Vannesa Bryant, even joked about the pose before revealing the statue. Vanessa said, "For the record, Kobe picked the pose you're about to see. So anyone who has any issues with it, tough s**t."

The other two statues that will be unveiled soon will also be placed outside the Arena. This statue has Kobe pointing to the sky, wearing the number 8 jersey. A second statue will be Kobe wearing the iconic number 24 jersey, and the third one will be a statue of Kobe with his daughter Gianna.

Many basketball fans are happy to see a Kobe Bryant statue outside the arena. The 19-foot bronze statue also caused some NBA fans to have comments about the statue not looking like Kobe at all based on his face. Although there was a bit of criticism of the way the statue looks, it wasn't as bad as Cristiano Ronaldo's statue.

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Cristiano Ronaldo's 12,000 thousand euro statue received lots of criticism, along with a face sculpture

Cristiano Ronaldo's face sculpture was made fun of by many football fans. The statue was revealed in 2017, and many believed it looked nothing like the Portuguese star. Ronaldo had a 65-stone statue in India worth 12,000 euros, which impressed many compared to Portugal's. The 11-foot-tall statue in Portugal in 2014 was also made fun of because of many people rubbing the statue's bulge.

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