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Cristiano Ronaldo to Barcelona, according to specialist sources

It may sound far-fetched, but in the current context, it is possible if a number of factors combine. 

Will Cristiano be the Figo of this generation? 
Will Cristiano be the Figo of this generation? 

All sports media exploded today with the probability that Cristiano Ronaldo will go to Barcelona to play, according to specialized media

According to newspapers such as Sport, Depor, and Fichajes, there are currently a number of factors that would allow the Portuguese star to leave Manchester United and land at Camp Nou

Everything arose from the emergency meeting Cristiano had with his manager Sergio Méndes, to whom he told that he no longer feels comfortable at Manchester United. 

In this meeting, no option was ruled out, and English media claim that this could mean the departure of the player from the Red Devils

And due to the uncomfortable situation the player is going through and his terrible relationship with ManU's interim coach, Ralf Rangnick, it is likely that his stay in the team will be shorter than expected. 

What are the factors that would make Cristiano's arrival at Barcelona possible? 

Due to the excellent relationship that Cristiano's manager, Sergio Méndes, has with the Catalan club's board, it is very possible that Barcelona could be an option for the Portuguese's departure.

Mateu Alemany and Joan Laporta have always maintained a great relationship with Méndes and given that Xavi's team is in urgent need of a striker at the moment, it would not be strange that the Portuguese would be an option. 

Cristiano is still under contract with Manchester until 2023, and since his return, he has done his job, which is to score goals. However, it is very difficult for a single player to lift a team. 

For this reason, Sport sees Laporta and Alemany as the conduit through which CR7 could wear the Blaugrana uniform

It would not be the first time that Méndes has offered Cristiano to Barcelona

Last August the press reported that the Portuguese was offered to Barcelona, but from different spheres of the Culé club, this possibility was denied. 

Although not everyone agreed with the refusal. For example, the former candidate for the presidency of the club, Toni Freixa made known his point of view, which was more open than the rest of the staff. 

At that time his words were: "if there is a time to do this madness is now...".

And given that at the moment neither Barcelona nor Cristiano is going through a good footballing moment, the option would mean for both a kind of mid-season renaissance

And that renaissance is probably what is needed to get both entities back to winning ways. 

Ronaldo's possible arrival at Barcelona set social networks on fire

As it could not be otherwise, the news about the possibility of the Portuguese star coming to play for the Culé club caused a fire in social networks

The news received all kinds of reactions, although the most common was disbelief since it would mean that a player who represented the eternal rival, Real Madrid, would join the Catalan club. 

So far neither Cristiano nor his manager has made any statements on the matter but it would not be the first time that a transfer has been negotiated out of the public eye. 

Especially one with as much controversy as this one, which would mean in a way a transgression to the values of Real Madrid and Barcelona. 

Nor would it be the first time that a player from one of these teams has moved to play for the eternal rival, as was seen in the case of Luis Figo

Will Cristiano be the Figo of this generation? 

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