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Cristiano Ronaldo reportedly asked to leave Manchester United

According to The Sun, the Portuguese star met with his manager to discuss his future with the Red Devils. 

Cristiano told Mendes that he is very concerned about what is happening inside United.
Cristiano told Mendes that he is very concerned about what is happening inside United.

Alarm bells are ringing at Old Trafford as according to The Sun, Cristiano Ronaldo had an emergency meeting with his manager to discuss his future at Manchester United and a possible exit from the team

The media claims that Cristiano spoke to his agent, Jorge Mendes to explain the situation he is going through in the team. And in that meeting, no option was ruled out

Why would Cristiano's departure from Manchester be an option?

According to reports, Cristiano told Mendes that he is very concerned about what is happening inside United

The player knows that the team is receiving a lot of criticism from both fans and the general public and he knows that, as one of the main players, he is the target of most of the criticism. 

With each passing day, more and more problems are being generated and Cristiano is already feeling stressed and under pressure due to the difficulty of the situation

And, understandably, the Portuguese feels most of the pressure on him, as he is not only a historic player for the club, but in his current season, his second at Old Trafford, he has scored half of the team's goals this season

In the current Premier League, of Manchester United's 29 goals, 14 have come from Cristiano. Therefore, his frustration with the team is understandable. 

And for this very reason, the emergency meeting between the star and Mendes took place, in which all available solutions were discussed. And one of them would undoubtedly be the player's departure from Old Trafford

Cristiano wants Manchester United to win trophies but recognizes that this will be very complicated due to the team's current performance. 

How has Manchester United fared with the return of Cristiano Ronaldo?

Even though Cristiano has given his all on the pitch, the team is not doing so well in the Premier League, as they are in the seventh position with 31 points, 4 points away from the Champions League places, and 22 points behind leaders Manchester City

Nothing to do with the Portuguese star's first spell at Man U. In that first phase, the Portuguese won everything with the club under Sir Alex Ferguson. 

However, since the departure of this legendary coach, things have just not worked out at Old Trafford. 

Currently, the team does not even have a head coach and Ralf Rangnick is the interim coach and it is already known that neither his style of play nor his tactics are well-liked by the Portuguese striker

Manchester United's next game is against Aston Villa this Monday, January 10, in the third round of the 2022 FA Cup. 

The Red Devils go into this match with a thirst for revenge, as earlier in the week they lost 1-0 at home to Wolves in the Premier League. 

Stress and pressure are being felt at Old Trafford

Already in previous weeks, tempers flared at Manchester United when they were playing at home in a Premier League match against Wolverhampton and the score was 0-0, when the Portuguese on the edge of the box made a short-headed pass to his goalkeeper. 

This created a dangerous chance for the opponent that almost cost his team a goal.

De Gea's reaction against CR7 was evident. He turned to him with gestures and reproached him for the transfer that could have cost him dearly.

The captain asked for forgiveness for that action, but the reprimand of his goalkeeper had already been taken.

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