Sarah Kohan responded to Javier Hernandez, who told the Mexican soccer player.

By Mauricio Saenz

Sarah Kohan responded to Javier Hernandez, who told the Mexican soccer player.

Sarah Kohan, the Australian model harshly criticized the attitude of Javier Hernandez.

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Australian model Sarah Kohan sent a strong message to her ex-partner, Mexican soccer player Javier Chicharito Hernández, due to the absence of the Mexican in their children's lives. This after rumors began at the end of 2020 about an alleged break between the two and that in April 2021 a national publication confirmed their divorce.

Sarah Kohan, very hard on Chicharito Hernández

From her official Instagram account, the Australian model published a photograph of her with her daughter Nala and her, who is the product of her union with the Mexican athlete, to celebrate eight months since the birth of the little. However, Sarah received hundreds of comments from netizens who asked about the absence of "Chicharito".



"There have been many requests for this photo shoot to come back ... I had already taken them, only I did not post on social networks for the last two months Happy eight months, my beautiful wife," Sarah wrote in the post where it was He portrayed planting a kiss to the infant on the cheek.

As on previous occasions, the followers of the model asked about the absence of the girl's father. There were even those who thought that the best thing for infants would be for both of them to get involved in raising the children they procreated: “Their father should be in the photos. I respectfully think that when Noah grows up he is going to enjoy the photos every time with his mother and his father ”, commented one user.


Sarah Kohan's answer

“If a couple cannot do as a couple, then you have to form a great team and a good family for the children. They are beautiful ”, she concluded. Before the comment, Sarah responded with a forceful comment and took the opportunity to send a clear message to the Mexican athlete.

Respectfully,” Sarah began, “please understand that you can't make someone do something they don't want to do,” commented the model, who posted more photos of Nala in her stories on the digital platform.

Javier Hernández's new love

For his part, after the magazine TvNotas confirmed the divorce between Javier Hernández and Sarah at the end of April this year, the footballer has allegedly become romantically involved with other women. The last time he was seen with influencer and businesswoman Caitlyn Chase.

At the end of April, some videos of the athlete in the company of the 33-year-old American businesswoman circulated on social networks, who became known at 18 and created a blog called Caviar & Cashmere in 2011.

On the other hand, the publication with national circulation reported that both were together and very much in love: “(Javier and Caitylin) They were together in a private cabin, on the roof. Isolated, just the two of them", reported a source close to the magazine at the time.

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