Alan Pulido wife Ileana Salas, is looking for divorce according to sources

Ileana Salas is initiating divorce proceedings and on social networks both have deleted their photos and videos together. 

Although neither of the two have spoken on the subject, it can be seen that in the social networks of both, the videos and photos in which the couple appeared together have been eliminated. 
Although neither of the two have spoken on the subject, it can be seen that in the social networks of both, the videos and photos in which the couple appeared together have been eliminated. 

The year 2021 did not end in the best way for Alan Pulido since, according to sources close to the couple, his wife Ileana Salas is asking for a divorce to finalize her relationship with the soccer player. 

The information comes from the column El Francotirador, from the Mexican media Récord where it is assured that both ended their relationship and are now looking to finalize their divorce

Although neither of the two have spoken on the subject, it can be seen that in the social networks of both, the videos and photos in which the couple appeared together have been eliminated

But what was the reason for the divorce?

According to the article, Ileana Salas was very affected by the confinement she lived in Kansas City during the Covid-19 pandemic, which triggered the breakup.

Although this is the only information that the media uses as a basis, rumors of infidelity on the part of the soccer player with Salas have not been ruled out

For example, the Instagram account Chamonic3 says that the MLS player was unfaithful to his partner, reason for which she would have asked the player for a divorce. 

According to the cited source, the influencer and blogger shared a story on Instagram in which she talked about the infidelity, which could confirm what the media suspect. 

The story on Instagram seems to be a confirmation of their separation

Here the Instagram story that could confirm rumors of an alleged infidelity on Pulido's part.

In the story uploaded on the social network, you can read the following: 


In addition, the same Chamonic3 media also affirmed that the player and his wife have already stopped living together and have put a stop, although not legal, to their relationship, so each one is living their lives separately.

According to the media, the couple's situation is so bad that they did not even spend their wedding anniversary together on December 5

According to the aforementioned media:

"The soccer player Alan Pulido and his still wife Ileana Salas, have been separated for some time, they got married on December 05, 2019, both no longer have photos together on their profiles, they have not shared anything together rare thing and there were no signs of affection or congratulations on the day of their anniversary, it is said that the soccer player painted her horn (do not believe me). It wouldn't be the first time. She already has a career in that, hahaha".

The media's Instagram story that detonated the Pulido and Salas separation rumor.

It wouldn't be the first time that the soccer player has been unfaithful to Ileana Salas

According to information from media that have followed the couple, this would not be the first time that the player has been unfaithful to Ileana Salas

It is on record that at least in 2016 the player cheated on her with an ex-girlfriend. 

In fact, in an interview it was Salas herself who revealed the information, and admitted that Pulido was unfaithful to her and it is rumored that it could have been with his ex, Gaby Ramírez, a TV host.

At the time, Salas confessed to the media and revealed that at the time he felt he could not forgive the player.

"There was an infidelity on his part, I don't want to go into details, although I confirmed it. The whole relationship had problems in that aspect, and when I knew he cheated on me I could no longer let it go. I love him and I felt it was a more serious thing, because we were engaged. I don't know if it was because of a lack of maturity, but I feel that that can no longer be forgiven." 

The blogger and influencer also blames her change of team as another reason for the player to distance himself from her. 

In 2016, Pulido moved from Olimpiacos FC in Greece to Chivas Guadalajara.

According to Salas: "Since he was offered to join Chivas I felt him distant, as if he was very focused on his soccer career. He pushed me aside, he didn't tell me anything, and I didn't feel included in his things; that's when the friction started". 

Alan Pulido experiences a bitter moment in his life and career

Regardless of whether or not the divorce with Ileana Salas is confirmed, Pulido continues to suffer from injuries

The player did not feel well with his injured knee, so he will seek surgery again with Dr. Rafael Ortega.

The problem with this operation would be that the player would not be at 100% for the beginning of the 2022 MLS campaign, so he would not be able to debut with his team Sporting Kansas City. 

And that lack of play could take away his place in the Mexican national soccer team, which still needs to secure its ticket to the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. 

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