While Arsenal celebrates their win, Liverpool's Jones describes their reaction

Curtis Jones makes some comments on Arsenal's celebration against Liverpool.

By Emmanuel Mendez

Mikel Arteta and the rest of the Arsenal players 'over celebrated' the 3-1 win against Liverpool in the eyes of many.
Mikel Arteta and the rest of the Arsenal players 'over celebrated' the 3-1 win against Liverpool in the eyes of many.
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Arsenal won a crucial game against Liverpool in the Premier League last weekend. Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta and the rest of the Arsenal team celebrated with lots of joy at the end of the game. After the celebrations, some football fans described the joy as "over the top" and dramatic.

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The win was very important for Arsenal because it brought them closer to Liverpool in the Premier League table. Arsenal are only 2 points behind Liverpool and have put themselves in the title race again. Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher spoke after the game and said that Arsenal were over the top with the celebrations. Carragher saw Arsenal captain Martin Odegaard taking a picture of the Arsenal photographer and said, "Just get down the tunnel, you've won a game, it's three points... You've been brilliant; you're back in the title race. Get down the tunnel." Football fans online also mocked the celebrations as if Arsenal had already won the Premier League. Odegaard responded to the celebration criticism and said it's normal to celebrate after an important game like the Liverpool game.

Liverpool midfielder Curtis Jones speaks on Arsenal's celebration after the game and claims they copied the celebration. Jones said, "The gaffer himself, the way he fist bumps fans and stuff. That’s kind of like our thing. So if they want to be stealing our stuff, then it shows that we’re on the right path, and we’ve got these who are copying us.”

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Mikel Arteta responds to the celebration criticism in his recent press conference

Arteta was asked about some of the criticism he and his players received over the celebrations after the Liverpool game. Arteta said, " I love it because I've seen managers at the Emirates on their knees, managers going across the pitch. I love it because it brings so much passion and emotion to the game. When you do something publicly, some people will think positively, some negatively. We behave how we think is right to behave, and we don't want to lose that. It was a big match for us; you could tell from the atmosphere in the stadium. It was a great day."

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