Transfer window for managers? Premier League's idea for managers in the league

Premier League are open to trying a new way to bring in managers in the league.

By Emmanuel Mendez

Premier League plans to have similar rules for players onto coaches.
Premier League plans to have similar rules for players onto coaches.
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Many clubs and fans look forward to the winter and summer transfer windows. The clubs have the opportunity to sell or buy players to improve their squad every year. The previous winter transfer window saw little action by clubs in the Premier League. In the past summer transfer window, many Premier League clubs go shopping outside the league and even try buying players from one another. The Premier League is the richest league in Europe and will look to continue being the richest.

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According to football journalist Alan Nixon, Premier League managers want to bring in a rule that will see them treated the same as players and only allowed to move clubs or be sacked during transfer windows. It would be a crazy rule as teams will have to stick with a manager that could potentially bring bad results or has fallen off with the squad. Whether the rule is not in talks to make it happen, it could see lots of absurd changes during the season.

The top six clubs in the Premier League have stuck with their managers so far in the season. Jurgen Klopp, Pep Guardiola, Mikel Arteta, and Ange Postecoglou are impressing with their teams. Erik Ten Hag and Mauricio Pochettino are struggling with their teams but are staying as the owners of each club are trusting them. With the rule, it could be possible the players do not want to play for the manager anymore while the transfer window is closed. The team will have no choice but to stick with the coach, and the situation would have to improve due to the rule not allowing the club to sack an unwanted coach.

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Chelsea could consider sacking Pochettino after EFL Cup loss against Liverpool

Liverpool defeated Chelsea 1-0 in the EFL Cup final at Wembley Stadium. As Chelsea players and the coaching staff walked up to receive their silver medals, Mauricio Pochettino was unhappy and ignored Chelsea owner Todd Boehly. It is a situation that can turn into a potential sacking.

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