Shocking! Pep Guardiola is letting this player leave Manchester City

This midfielder needs game time before the Euros and is looking to leave

This midfielder is set to leave Manchester City

Manchester City has been one of the model clubs of the last decade when it comes to success on the pitch and success in the transfer market. The club have won numerous league titles in the past decade and are climbing the table for most titles. It’s getting to the number where other clubs start getting worried as City are crawling right behind them. Meanwhile on the transfer market, their success has been near perfect especially in the last 8 years.

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You look at signings such as De Bruyne, Gundogan, Bernardo which were fantastic business deals at good prices for players of that quality. You then have the likes of Haaland and Dias which transformed the club the respective seasons they came into the club. But no club is perfect when it comes to the transfer market. And while City have had some absolute hits in the transfer market, they have had their share of duds.

One of the duds is currently in the squad in Kalvin Phillips. The English midfielder joined from Leeds United and was expected to provide cover for Rodri when he needed rest. The adjustment period for the midfielder to Manchester has not been kind, instead he is constantly on the bench for City and has seen players in different positions play over him in his natural position.

Adjusting to Pep’s system is not an easy task for anyone as it is a strict and complex system for any player. Phillips has fallen victim to not being able to adapt, and when you have one of the best in the world ahead of you in your position it makes it much harder to get game time. This has led to Phillips looking for a way out.

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Fabrizio Romano gives update on who the favorite for Phillips is

Phillips has admirers at Newcastle but that is not the club that is the favorite for the player. According to Fabrizio Romano, the favorite player is West Ham, and David Moyes has a huge desire to have the player in his squad and thinks he can help West Ham.

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