Rio Ferdinand makes bold statement about Mikel Arteta and Arsenal

Former Manchester United player Rio Ferdinand talks about Mikel Arteta and Arsenal.

By Emmanuel Mendez

Ferdinand believes Mikel Arteta could leave Arsenal for a better club if offered a contract.
Ferdinand believes Mikel Arteta could leave Arsenal for a better club if offered a contract.
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Mikel Arteta at Arsenal has been a success recently and has brought high status to the club after years of struggle. In two consecutive Premier League seasons, Arteta has guided Arsenal to two title races in the Premier League. Last season, Arsenal were first in the Premier League table for most of the season until a couple of poor results led to Manchester City overtaking them and winning their third consecutive title. Man City won the league with 89 points, and Arsenal finished second with 84 points.

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This season, Arsenal is third in the Premier League and is currently on 58 points. They are one point below 2nd place Man City and two points behind Liverpool, the league leaders. Arsenal have just beaten Newcastle United 4-1 and are still in the title race with Liverpool and Manchester City. While it all looks peaceful for Arsenal and Arteta, Rio Ferdinand thinks it could all change if another club offers him a contract. Ferdinand believes Arteta could leave Arsenal if a certain club comes in to appoint him to join.

In Five UK, Ferdinand said, "Mikel Arteta would leave Arsenal to join Man United, 100%. No one is saying it’s happening but if Man United in a wild dream said, ‘do you know what, Erik ten Hag, thank you’ or Erik ten Hag has been poached by Bayern Munich, and he goes there, and then Man United say top of the list is Arteta, Arteta is going in and saying to the lads, ‘listen guys, it’s been emotional but I’ve got to move, I’ve got to go.'"

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The Arteta claim would be similar to Robin Van Persie

If Arteta were to move to Man United like Ferdinand suggested, the move would be compared to Robin Van Persie joining Manchester United from Arsenal. Van Persie played at Arsenal from 2004 to 2012 but left to go straight to Manchester United in 2012. He helped Man United win their 20th Premier League title, and the move seemed like a betrayal for Arsenal fans.

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