Real Madrid's Valverde is worth $108 million, what FC Barcelona's Pedri is worth

Real Madrid has one of the most valuable midfielders in the world; FC Barcelona also has one of them.

By Emmanuel Mendez

Federico Valverde is one of the most valued midfielders in the world along with Pedri.
Federico Valverde is one of the most valued midfielders in the world along with Pedri.
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Real Madrid and FC Barcelona are arguably the biggest rivals in football history, but in recent years, the clubs have been in different situations. Real Madrid has slowly built one of the strongest squads in Europe while FC Barcelona is building the team with youth players from La Masia. Both are still the biggest clubs in the world and despite the financial differences, they have very valuable players. Real Madrid has many world-class players throughout their entire squad, and FC Barcelona could have a world-class team in a few years with all the youth that is performing well every week. Real Madrid and FC Barcelona have some of the most valuable midfielders in the world ahead of many other clubs.

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According to Score 90, FC Barcelona and Real Madrid each have two of the most valuable midfielders in the world. In the top five list of the most valuable central midfielders, only one is from the Premier League, and the rest are Barcelona and Real Madrid players. In the 5th position is Chelsea's Enzo Fernandez. The Argentinian midfielder is valued at $86 million right now and plays in a center position that isn't an attacking midfielder or a defensive midfielder.

The two players above Fernandez on the list are FC Barcelona players. Pedri is in 4th on the list as he is also valued at around $86 million. Pedri has suffered from injuries over the last year, but he excels in his central position and can be creative and defensive. It is a similar trait to the player above in third, Gavi. Gavi suffered an ACL injury earlier in the season, but his attacking and defensive contributions make him one of the most valuable players in the world. Gavi is valued at $97 million.

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Eduardo Camavinga is just below Valverde in the most valuable central midfielders

Real Madrid tops the list for having the most valuable central midfielders. Eduardo Camavinga is second on the list and is valued at around $97-98 million. Camavinga is very versatile but is needed in a central position.

Valverde is the most valuable central midfielder in the world at a value of $108 million. Valverde is also very versatile and can often play as a right winger or a right midfielder. Valverde is also comfortable in the middle next to other players.

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