Pressure grows! FC Bayern president gives Tuchel warning for Bundesliga game

Bayern Munich manager Thomas Tuchel receives a message from the Bayern Munich president.

By Emmanuel Mendez

Thomas Tuchel has more pressure ahead of Bochum match in the Bundesliga.
Thomas Tuchel has more pressure ahead of Bochum match in the Bundesliga.
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The Bundesliga seems very difficult to win for Bayern Munich as Bayer Leverkusen continues to win. Bayern Munich will travel to Bochum to play VFL Bochum in the Bundesliga. Bayern Munich is currently at 50 points in the Bundesliga, while Bayer Leverkusen is at 58 points. A win against Bochum could calm things down at the club, but a loss or a draw could look to be the beginning of the end of Thomas Tuchel's time at Bayern.

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In 2024, Byaern has lost three games in all competitions. They lost 1-0 against Werder Bremen in January and have lost the past two games against Leverkusen and Lazio in the Champions League. Bayern seemed to just narrowly win games like the 1-0 win against Union Berlin and the 3-2 win against Ausburg. In their last Bundesliga home game, they were trailing against Borussia Monchengladbach but came back for a 3-1 win. The Bayern Munich board still believes in Tuchel but will change their minds if the next performance doesn't lead to three points.

Before the Bayern Munich vs. Bochum match, FC Bayern Munich's president, Herbert Hainer, spoke about expecting positive results soon. Hainer said, "I'm very confident because the team knows exactly where they stand and that they're not bringing what they're capable of onto the field at the moment. We have an incredible number of good individual players. They know that today is very important."

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Herbert Hainer gives a hint on what would happen if Bayern Munich wins against Bochum today

Hainer continued to speak on the rumors regarding the team's morale. Hainer said, "We can't be relaxed when we lose twice in a row. That at least makes us aware. But we don't want to dramatize it either. We have 50 points. We know we can play better. We have to get it on the pitch now. There are a lot of rumors being spread from the outside. At the end of the day, we have to win. We win and then the topic would be over”

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