More drama? Thomas Tuchel admits issue Harry Kane has in Bayern Munich

Bayern Munich coach Thomas Tuchel discusses how the atmosphere is like in the dressing room after poor results.

By Emmanuel Mendez

Thomas Tuchel talks about Harry Kane's complaint about Bayern Munich.
Thomas Tuchel talks about Harry Kane's complaint about Bayern Munich.
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Bayern Munich is having a bad season by their standards. After winning 11 Bundesliga seasons in a row, Bayern is now 8 points below league leader Bayer Leverkusen, who has 58 points. Bayern Munich manager Thomas Tuchel has been under pressure after losing to Leverkusen 3-0 and losing 1-0 to Lazio in the Champions League this past week. Rumors suggested that Tuchel had lost the dressing room.

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Reports suggested Tuchel criticizing his players after the 3-0 loss to Leverkusen last week. Tuchel reportedly said, “ You are not as good as I thought then I just have to adapt to your level.” Bayern press officer Dieter Nickles denies that Tuchel said to his players, 'You're not as good as I thought ' after the Leverkusen game. Nickles said, "That didn't happen. That's simply not true. That's not the truth. Such sentences go out in the media world and sometimes have a toxic and undignified effect."

Sky Sports Germany reported that story, and Sky has made a statement following Bayern's denial of their story today: 'Sky stands for fantastic live sports, but also for investigative journalism. Our team of reporters stands for tidy research and enjoys our full trust.'

Tuchel discussed Harry Kane's complaint about the team's play on the pitch. Tuchel said, "Harry takes care of himself. He doesn't need me. He's not happy with the connection in games. Neither are we. I've rarely seen such a discrepancy between training and matches. The way he scores in training, the way he puts his chances away - it's incredible. It's world-class. But then we rarely find him in matches. He acts like a captain. Everything's okay with him."

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Tuchel believes the team is capable of winning the Bundesliga and the Champions League despite the poor form

Tuchel admitted that the team morale is low because of the recent performances but will still fight for trophies this season. Tuchel said, "The mood in the squad is, of course, depressed at the moment. But I'm sure that we'll have every chance and energy tomorrow to start a turnaround. Giving up is not an option for us; it will not happen — neither in the title race nor in the Champions League”. Bayern will play VFL Bochum tomorrow in the Bundesliga.

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