Over celebrating? Klopp responds to rumors of him having issues with celebrations

Jurgen Klopp and Mikel Arteta were criticized for over celebrating wins with Liverpool and Arsenal respectively.

By Emmanuel Mendez

Jurgen Klopp responds to criticism of him overcelebrating with Liverpool.
Jurgen Klopp responds to criticism of him overcelebrating with Liverpool.
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Football is enjoyed more when one's team wins a game. Almost every footballer celebrates their goal, and every team celebrates a win. There has been a lot of debate in regard to over-celebrating a win that didn't lead to a title or trophy. This debate started to rise a lot after the Arsenal 3-1 win against Liverpool in the Premier League a few weeks ago. Mikel Arteta and the Arsenal players went wild along with the Arsenal fans when the final whistle blew, and some football fans were not happy.

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Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher spoke after the Arsenal win against Liverpool and saw Arsenal player "over-celebrating" the win. Carragher saw Martin Odegaard taking a picture of an Arsenal cameraman and said, "Just get down the tunnel, you've won a game, it's three points... You've been brilliant; you're back in the title race. Get down the tunnel."

Arsenal fans were angry with this and many other comments on their team being over the top with their celebration against Liverpool. Weeks after, Jurgen Klopp was criticized for celebrating wins with fist bumps against Brentford and Luton Town. Some fans called him hypocritical for issues with Arteta over-celebrating, but Klopp is doing celebrations after wins with Liverpool.

Klopp defended himself and said, "You can make of my celebrations what you want. I heard the discussions, that Mikel Arteta over-celebrated the win against us. That definitely did not come from me. Everybody can do whatever. I didn’t invent fist-pumps and I don’t have the copyright on it"

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Jurgen Klopp looks forward to Liverpool playing in the EFL Carabao Final against Chelsea tomorrow

Klopp was asked how he felt ahead of another final with Liverpool at Wembley Stadium. Klopp said, "I want to win on Sunday, but not for me or my trophy cabinet. It's for the boys, for the club, for the people. What we're doing at the moment is writing a wonderful book. & when I leave, we'll close that book & put it on the shelf."

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