Not Araujo, Barcelona defender could arrive the Premier League for 80 millions

Barcelona has decided which defender they are willing to sell.

By Juan Macías

Ronald Araujo
Ronald Araujo
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The spanish team has the need to sell several players, but they are also looking for players that they might be ready to let go and not affect the team.

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Barcelona team is aware of their financial situation and what this means for the summer transfer window, they have to sell several player if they want to make sure that they do not break any Financial Fair Play restrictions and to keep the team alive. The main concern is that the spanish office is still looking to keep a really competitive squad and this could select the players to sell.

Ronald Araujo has been one of the players that could leave the team in the summer as there is a lot of interest in him from several teams willing to pay an important amount. The spanish office has also pointed to him as one of the players that they are not open to sell, as they are ready to keep him despite their financial needs for the next few seasons.

This has forced them to look at another names on the squad that could leave the team, and now the main option could be Jules Koundé, the 25 year old defender seems to be the main candidate now. The french center back is an important part of the spanish team, but he is not part of the starting line up.

Jules Koundé seems to be the main option to leave the team, as now it has also been reported that there is a lot of interest from the Arsenal, Chelsea and Newcastle team to actually leave the team. Barcelona office, including their legend, Deco, has confirmed that they are willing to let him go as the offers might come to them in the next few months for the center back.

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Jules Koundé value

The current value of Jules Koundé goes up to 60 million euros, but most of the sources have confirmed that at least Chelsea and Arsenal are willing to keep their interest and offer up to 80 million euros to secure his arrival to the Premier League now.

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