Mbappé trusts he could win Ballon d’Or, ask Real Madrid for a millionaire amount

Kylian Mbappé seems to be closing every part of his deal with Real Madrid.

By Juan Macías

Kylian Mbappé
Kylian Mbappé
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The french striker seems to be open to make the move happen as soon as the summer starts, but now he is also working on every single detail as well.

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Real Madrid seems to be ready to announce the arrival of Kylian Mbappé as their first and star signing for the summer transfer window while several sources believe the deal is almost done. This has allowed the spanish team and the french striker to be able to work in every single detail of the contract, and now there is a new clause that the french striker wants from Real Madrid.

Most of the analysts do believe that if Kylian Mbappé does make the move to the Real Madrid team that would boost his chances not only to win trophies like the Champions League title, but also to win the Ballon d'Or. The spanish team could be the perfect to help him with that award, and the fact is that the striker is aware and has decided to add this clause.

Several sources have now been able to confirm that Kylian Mbappé has decided to add a clause that the Real Madrid team would have to pay around 15 million euros if he does win the Ballon d'Or with them. This is one of the main clauses that could really boost the deal to actually be completed between the two parties.

Despite that Kylian Mbappé seems to be looking to arrive to the spanish team for free, he has been sure to include several clauses that would secure him being one of the highest paid players on the earth. Now it has also been reported that even Javier Tébas, the president of La Liga, believes that the deal is 99% done to secure the arrival of the french striker this summer.

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Kylian Mbappé idea

Kylian Mbappé seems to be ready to make the move and with this clause it shows that he is also ready to boost the team and keep being one of the most important players in the next few seasons, and this time with the Real Madrid team.

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