NBA rules in the Premier League? A rule that could benefit Guardiola's Man City

The Premier League is set to introduce a new set of rules for clubs like the NBA.

By Emmanuel Mendez

Pep Guardiola and Man City could benefit from these new set of rules into the Premier League.
Pep Guardiola and Man City could benefit from these new set of rules into the Premier League.
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The Premier League is one of the richest sports leagues in the world, and its popularity keeps on growing. The Premier League is the most watched football league in Europe, and that means that the financial status of the league is in good standing. The top Premier League teams can afford to purchase players for high transfer fees, while other clubs outside of the English League cannot. The Premier League still has an issue in regards to the financial fair play rules being constantly broken by a couple of clubs. The league has already punished teams like Everton and Nottingham Forest with a deduction of points. Clubs like Chelsea and Manchester City could be next in line for punishments, but with the introduction of a new rule that the NBA uses, Pep Guardiola could feel relaxed.

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Mike Keegan from the Daily Mail reports that the Premier League is considering removing points deductions and introducing an NBA-style 'luxury tax' due to concerns that top players might leave if their pay is restricted.

The 'luxury tax' would penalize clubs financially for overspending, with the penalty increasing based on their spending. Clubs, in theory, could still choose to spend freely if they prefer but with the knowledge of taking another financial hit. The tax could then be distributed to the other Premier League clubs who stayed within the rules.

This rule would benefit Manchester City and Chelsea since they are one of the richest clubs in the Premier League as they both await for the outcome of different financial breaches. Chelsea and Manchester City were in danger of facing a point deduction soon, but the punishment for either club has still been resolved.

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Manchester City's 115 charges

The Premier League charged Manchester City with 115 charges last year. Some of the punishments many reports suggested were several point deductions or expulsion from the competition if the club was found guilty. It is still unclear how long the process will take as some reports that it could take years to fully determine the outcome of these charges.

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