Man United plans to follow Man City steps to put the Premier League in trouble

Manchester United decision could be fill with some problems for the Premier League.

By Juan Macías

Erik ten Hag and Pep Guardiola
Erik ten Hag and Pep Guardiola
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The Manchester United team has a new office that is looking to make some changes to their team to get way better results in the next seasons for the team.

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Manchester City has been one of the most important teams not only in the Premier League but in the world in the past few years, but the fact is that right now there is a big concern about the rules that they broke that affect the Financial Fair Play restrictions right away, and the fact is that this could be a real concern for the next part of the season.

Several sources close to the Premier League officials have been able to confirm that the investigation against the Citizens has been delayed, now that according to the 115 restrictions that they broke the only punishment that they could get could be to be relegated, and the fact is that the Premier League is aware of the problems that this could bring to the League and to the other competitions now.

But the fact is that the decision to delay their actual punishment could bring some other problems, now that it has been confirmed that Sir Jim Ratcliffe, which now owns 25% of the red devils is ready to spend a total of 500 million euros in the transfer window and he is not worried about the punishment for his team.

Sir Jim Ratcliffe and his office are now aware that if they are able to get the right results in the next seasons the Premier League office won't be able to punish the team just like they are doing with the Citizens, and this would allow them to bring the players that they want and have some more time to work around the Financial Fair Play restricions they could have.

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Sir Jim Ratcliffe budget

Most of th sources believe that Sir Jim Ratcliffe budget could go up to those 500 million euros with the sale of several players, but the current Financial Fair play restrictions for the red devils would only allow them to spend around 200 to 250 millions.

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