Man City wins a treble last season at a lower value than Man United

Manchester City won a treble last season while valued lower than Man United.

By Emmanuel Mendez

Manchester City won a treble including the Champions League while Man United was valued at a record high.
Manchester City won a treble including the Champions League while Man United was valued at a record high.
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Manchester City has become a powerhouse this past decade, a feat that many in Manchester did not expect. Manchester United is arguably the biggest club in England for its success in the Champions League and domestic cups and for winning the most Premier League titles among all English teams. After all that success, Man City has dominated the scene in England ahead of Man United partly due to some money invested in the club.

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There has been lots of controversy regarding Manchester City's spending. After being taken over in 2008 by Sheikh Mansour, the club has consistently battled for trophies. They won their first Premier League title in 2011 and have won nine over more than a decade. Man City has spent over 1 billion since the takeover in 2008. Manchester United have not won a league title since 2013.

Manchester United fans believe the only way to return to the glory days is to spend as much or more than Manchester City. Manchester United have done just that but in a poor way. They have overspent on players for large transfer fees. Manchester City have smartly spent them on players with potential, like Kevin De Bruyne in 2015, Ederson in 2017, and Rodri in 2019. The treble Manchester City won last season has become more impressive after new reports show that their squad was not the highest value in Europe.

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Manchester United's squad last season was valued the highest in history, surpassing Real Madrid's squad in 2020

A UEFA report released that Manchester United's squad last season was valued at 1.42 billion euros. It includes transfer fees like Harry Maguire's 80m pounds, Jadon Sancho's 73m pounds, and Casemiro's 60m pounds. The only success they found last season was the EFL Cup trophy, while Man City's team was valued at 1.2 billion euros last season.

Real Madrid's 2020 squad had the record for the most expensive assembled team at 1.3 billion euros.

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