Liverpool trembles, the 200 million offer that Xabi Alonso has on the table

Xabi Alonso has a new offer that could make him change his mind.

By Juan Macías

Xabi Alonso
Xabi Alonso
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Xabi Alonso is currently one of the most wanted managers and he has some offers that could change his future if he decides to take on a new team now.

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Barcelona is one of the teams that is ready to go ahead and make an offer for Xabi Alonso to become their new manager, but the problem is, that the financial situation of the spanish team could really complicate the deal from actually happening. This has pushed the manager to some other options that would fit him better in the next part of his career as a new manager.

One of the teams that are really into the race to sign Xabi Alonso is the Liverpool team, now that they see him as the perfect replacement for Jurgen Klopp. The reality is that he seems to be interested in the job, but now he has an offer that would make him change his mind as it is a really good offer and a really good project for him.

Several sources have now reported the fact that Thomas Tuchel is going to leave the Bayern Munich team by the end of the season, and now it has also been reported that the german team sees Xabi Alonso as the perfect option to replace him. They have set an important offer on the table to convince him right away.

On top of being one of the best teams in the Bundesliga and in Europe, it has also been confirmed that the german team would be ready to put up to 200 million euros at least for Xabi Alonso to be able to make some important transfers. He would be completely free to sign the players that he believes could be key for them in the next few seasons.

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Xabi Alonso salary

On top of the budget for transfers it has also been confirmed that Bayern Munich is now willing to offer Xabi Alonso a total of 30 million euros per year to make him their manager as this could really get them ahead in the race for him.

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