He's in big trouble, this Manchester Utd player broke the rules by going skiing

A potential rules breach for this player if he in fact did go skiiing

By Michail-Angelos Grigoropoulos

This defender could be in trouble when he reports back to training
This defender could be in trouble when he reports back to training
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Discipline. That’s a word that is common in sports and a word that is stressed by managers. A lack of discipline leads to chaos, and it leads to uncertainty. Under Erik Ten Hag, Manchester United have gained a disciplinarian but has it been to good effect.

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Manchester United had the ultimate disciplinarian under Sir Alex Ferguson. The legendary manager ruled the club with an iron fist as it was his way or the highway. When Sir Alex left the club, it means not only did they lose a coach, but they also lost a leader and a teacher. Sir Alex was United, and the club still struggles to replace him today.

Erik Ten Hag has tried to mimic the aura and power that Sir Alex had but to have that kind of power and respect, you need to earn it and prove you deserve it with results. Last season Erik Ten Hag was able to rally the troops after every loss it seemed like, especially after the Brentford loss where he did the punishment with the players. He was even able to rally them after a seven-nil loss to Liverpool.

This year, however, respect has waned, and players do not view the Dutchman in the same light. The various incidents between Ten Hag and his players has increased this year and the Sancho situation opened a black cloud over the club. It was a situation that could only be ignored if the club kept winning. One of the big blowouts was between Varane and Ten Hag. In the Manchester Derby, Erik Ten Hag decided to bench Raphael Varane for what he considered “tactical” reasons. The Frenchman was unhappy and would make limited appearances for the next month until the coach put him back in vs Bayern due to drastic measures. Varane has not lost his spot since.

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What did Varane do that broke the rules?

The players have a small break after the hectic winter schedule, and whilst some players went to warm weather, Raphael Varane went to what appears to be a ski resort. Skiing during the season is not allowed at United and although Varane is not on camera skiing, it remains to be seen if he will be punished for it.

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