Guardiola sends half hearted message to his latest comments on Philips weight

Manchester City manager has been pointed for his latest comments on Kalvin Philips.

By Juan Macías

Pep Guardiola and Kalvin Philips
Pep Guardiola and Kalvin Philips
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Pep Guardiola has now been pointed as one of the problems for football players around the world that get heat just for soemthing like their weight with their teams now.

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Manchester City manager has not been able to fully convince the media and the fans that he truly does apologize for the comments that he said to Philips while he was still a Citizen, a situation that also sent him out of the team on a loan deal in the last few months and the fact that now he could be looking to find a new team this next season.

“He was right to do so but there are different ways to go about it, it was just a misunderstanding and I think he was very frustrated with me coming back 1.5kg over my weight target.” Philips said back on December of the last year and the fact is that this raised a lot of concerns about the way that Guardiola treats the player that are on the team now.

“Yeah, I’m sorry. Once in eight years is not bad. But I’m so sorry. I apologise to him, I spoke to him before [making the comment]. I never, ever don’t speak to the team before I say something here, or the player in that case.” Guardiola said but the fact is that the fans are not convinced about his words.

“We have the opportunity to climb to the second position, to go one point in front of Arsenal, to go close to Liverpool and there’s still a lot of games to play, the reality is, since we lost to Aston Villa, we didn’t lose one game and in the games we drew, we were better." Guardiola ended on that press conference even with some questions unanswered about Philips weight situation.

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Kalvin Philips future

Most of the sources now point to the fact that Kalvin Philips is ready to go ahead and leave the Manchester City team as long as Guardiola is the manager and this could raise some flags for the Citizens office to react to this type of situations.

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