Germany and Adidas will part ways, how much the Germany NT will earn with Nike

Germany announced that their deal with Adidas will soon end and they will be sponsored by Nike.

By Emmanuel Mendez

Germany will no longer be sponsored by Adidas starting in 2027.
Germany will no longer be sponsored by Adidas starting in 2027.
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The German national team is one of the most important international teams in football history, as they have won four World Cups and have one of the most successful leagues in Europe. What many associate with Germany is their iconic Adidas shirts. Adidas is a German athletic apparel and footwear corporation, which makes sense why they have sponsored the German national team for a long time since it first began in 1954. While Germany has been partnered with other brands like Umbro and Erima, Germany and Adidas have been together for a long time. That partnership will soon end, as the DFB [German Football Association] announced that it would soon be partnered with Nike.

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The DFB will part ways with Adidas and will be equipped by Nike from 2027. The deal initially runs until 2034 but extends to all national teams and is intended to "promote German football in its entirety," according to an official statement by the association.

The DFB President, Bernd Neuendorf, spoke about the new deal that will soon happen with Nike. Nuuendorf said, "We're looking forward to working with Nike. The future partnership will enable the DFB to continue to carry out key tasks in the coming decade with a view to the comprehensive development of football in Germany. But one thing is also clear: until December 2026, we will do everything we can to achieve shared success with our long-standing and current partner, Adidas, to whom German football has owed a lot for more than seven decades."

Yahoo News reported Nike CEO John Donahoe's reaction to the partnership with the DFB. Donahoe said, "It was a remarkable team effort and a great proof that when Nike brings out our best, no one can beat us. We feel honored and privileged to partner with the German Football Federation, starting in 2027."

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DFB will earn double with Nike than what they earned with Adidas

Handelsblatt reports that Nike will pay the DFB more than $108 million per year from 2027. Adidas is currently paying $54 million per year, and they are partnered together for the upcoming Euros, which takes place in Germany.

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