FC Barcelona president Joan Laporta reacts to Deco's option to replace Xavi

Joan Laporta had an alternative option to replace Xavi than Deco's choice.

By Emmanuel Mendez

Joan Laporta has made his decision on a manager Deco wanted to bring.
Joan Laporta has made his decision on a manager Deco wanted to bring.
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FC Barcelona has many themes to choose from to replace Xavi Hernandez next season. FC Barcelona sporting director Deco has been assigned to look for a new manager for the team next season. Deco did not want to identify any names, but he was interested in one manager.

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Deco wanted to bring in FC Porto manager Sergio Conceicao to FC Barcelona next season. FC Barcelona president Joan Laporta wants to bring in German manager Hansi Flick. Laporta has rejected the option of Sergio Conceiçao to replace Xavi and has informed Jorge Mendes. The president does not want to sign the Portuguese manager as he believes it wouldn't be a good fit for the team.

Deco reacted to Laporta's decision and spoke about Barca's treatment with agent Jorge Mendes. Deco says, " Jorge Mendes was my agent, but I don't think Barça treats him better than other agents. He helped us bring two players at zero cost. We would like all the agents to help us like this."

Deco did not want to talk about Xavi's replacement to the media and mentioned that there's more to be looked at before the club picks a manager for next season. Deco says, "Before talking to anyone (next coach), we have to define what we want to do. The season is not over yet. There are still many things to compete for. There will be time."

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Deco talks about his relationship with Xavi

Deco assures that he and the club still believe in Xavi's work with the team. Deco says, "Has the club supported Xavi? When a game ends, it is normal to give an opinion on what we have seen. It's another thing to speak badly. Beyond the opinions is that we believe in Xavi's work. My relationship with Xavi? We constantly discuss ideas, but Xavi has his staff. As football people and former teammates, we talk about football."

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