FC Barcelona or Manchester United? The coach who is deciding between both

Manchester United and FC Barcelona could be favorites to appoint this manager.

By Emmanuel Mendez

This coach is favorite to takeover Manchester United and FC Barcelona next season.
This coach is favorite to takeover Manchester United and FC Barcelona next season.
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Thomas Tuchel's time at Bayern Munich will soon come to an end and the German coach is weighing in his options. The German coach doesn't not plan not to coach next season and are sets his eyes on coaching in England again or in Spain. Many sources have linked him coaching FC Barcelona next season but he is also reportedly open to return to the Premier League and coach a different club other than Chelsea.

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Tuchel might have more time to choose where to go next season because he could probably be sacked if Bayern Munich fails to beat Lazio in the Champions League round of 16. Bayern Munich might also have second thoughts about sacking Tuchel. BILD reports that Bayern are uncertain about dismissing Thomas Tuchel immediately even in case of elimination from the Champions League. The reason is there are doubts over who will replace him until the end of the season.

The people in charge at Bayern Munich are torn over the decision. There's the idea that if Bayern are out of the Champions League, it wouldn't matter if Tuchel stays anyway because the season would more or less be over. However, if the coach stays, there's also the risk that many players would be increasingly frustrated, which would complicate the contract talks with them. It's not completely ruled out that Tuchel would continue even if Bayern were eliminated on Tuesday. It would also depend on the 'type of elimination' and the performance the team will show.

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Tuchel is open to coaching FC Barcelona if Manchester United does not appoint him

Sun Sport reports that Tuchel will consider coaching FC Barcelona he cant get the Manchester United job. Sky Sports Germany reported that Tuchel wants to join the Premier League again and is attracted by Manchester United as his next destination. Barcelona are looking for managers with experience in more than one league and Tuchel matches that profile they are looking for.

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